Summer Workshops . . .

Kids Bisque Painter
Summer Camp Registration Now Open....
Summer Camp will soon be here. We offer week long camps and single day.

Week long Camp will be Monday through Friday 10am-1pm
at $175.00 plus tax

Single day camp is what ever day you sign up for. 10am-
1pm at $40 plus tax.

There are two days of Camp that is $45 plus tax our
Fresca's and GiGi's trip days

Snack provided by CMM but please bring a bagged lunch for your child(children)

Payment is due in full for each week/day

"Color Me Kids" was created to help children cultivate creativity, while having fun! Art appeals to all types and ages and helps to develop a sense of individuality and accomplishment. Our workshops have been geared to kids ages 6 to 14. The kids will learn various techniques with different themes each week.

In addition to Ceramic Arts, we'll include "Wood Craft" and "Color Me Canvas". Each week will be filled with fun and excitement for the children.

We will be getting messy, so dress appropriately.

Workshops are 3 hours per day, Monday to Friday. 10am to 1pm


"Paint Like The Masters" Week Of June 12th
Monday: Canvas Van Gogh "Starry Night"
Tuesday: O'Keefe "Poppy Flower" Vase
Wednesday: Van Gogh "Sunflower" platter
Thursday: Cubismo "Cat" platter
Friday: Canvas Van Gogh "Sunflower"
Kids Bisque Painter

"Under The Sea" Week of June 19th
Monday: Frame with add on's - bubble fun
Tuesday: Octopus Chip & Dip - sea sponged
Wednesday: "Dory & Nemo" - fish banks
Thursday: "Blowfish"- pencil holder
Friday: "Sassy" Seahorse Canvas
Kids Bisque Painter

"North Carolina" Week of June 26th
Monday: N.C. "State" Platter
Tuesday:"State Bird" Cardinal
Wednesday: "State Reptile" Box Turtle
Thursday: N.C." State" On Wood
Friday: N.C. "State" Canvas Painting
Kids Bisque Painter

"Fun At The Beach" Week of July 3rd
Monday: "Splatter Platter' splatter painting
Tuesday: "July 4th" Canvas painting
Wednesday: "Trumpet Vase" beachy themed
Thursday: "Watermelon" Xtra large bowl
Friday: "Ice cream" Canvas and a trip to Fresca's for gelatos this is a $45 plus tax camp day

Kids Bisque Painter

"Fairy Land" Week of July 10th
Monday: "Jar Lantern Large" masking tape
Tuesday: "Fairy & Small Gnome"
Wednesday: "Large Flower Pot"
Thursday: "Large & Small Mushroom"
Friday: "Mushroom" Canvas
Kids Bisque Painter

"Zoo Animal Fun" Week of July 17th
Monday: "Faceted" Lion specialty glazes
Tuesday: "Monkey Business" big monkey
Wednesday: "Biggy Elephant Bank"
Thursday:"Faceted" Giraffe specialty glazes
Friday: "Silly Giraffe" Canvas
Kids Bisque Painter

"North Carolina Sports" Week of July 24th
Monday: "Football" platter your team choice
Tuesday:"Large Popcorn Container" tape
Wednesday:"Baseball,Basketball or Football Banks" your choice of 2
Thursday: "Baseball Glove & Trophy"
Friday: "Sports" Canvas
Kids Bisque Painter

"Yummy Food" Week of July 31st
Monday: " Xtra Large Watermelon" Bowl
Tuesday:"Ice cream" Cookie Jar
Wednesday:"Cupcake Cookie Jar" splatter
Thursday: 4 "Dessert Dishes"
Friday: "Cupcake" Canvas painting & a trip to GiGi's Cupcakes this is a $45 plus tax camp day
Kids Bisque Painter

"Out of This World" Week of August 7th
Monday:'Large Paint Can" Galaxy scene
Tuesday: "Large Frame" galaxy stencils
Wednesday:"Spaceship Bank" contact paper
Thursday: "Large Platter" galaxy fun
Friday:"Galaxy Spaceship" Canvas
Kids Bisque Painter

"Celebrate You" Week of August 14th
Monday: "Cupcake Birthday Platter" for you
Tuesday: "Large Frame" all about you
Wednesday: "3 Balloon Plaques"
Thursday: "Cake Stand" your way
Friday: "Crazy Cow" Canvas - lunch from Chik- fil-A and a visit from the Chick-Fil-A Cow $45 plus tax class
"Hawaiian Fun" Week of August 21st
Monday: "Pineapple" lantern
Tuesday: "Hawaiian Flower" platter
Wednesday: "Large Coconut Bowl"
Thursday: "Sun/Moon" round platter
Friday: "Pineapple with Flowers" Canvas
Kids Summer Workshops

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